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I want to be a better person for myself and my family, yes live is hard and also unique. I might not be perfect but i want to try to be one. Sometimes, i am a maniac myself. Truth, i am friendly. Talk to me anytime. Love comedy and i don't understand anything about love. Thanks.

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No Matter How Difficult And Hard Something Is, I Will Alaways Be Positive And Smile Like An Idiot "Chanyeol"



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Voice Of Exo's Vitamin Birthday

Yeah!!Akhirnya, tiba juga tarikh ni 27/11. Today is special day for fans of Exo cuz today is Chanyeaol's birthday. hihi..Happy Birthday. 

Gave him a big applause yey...

Hye, saya comel kan ^^

Happy 22nd Birthday!!! Chanyeol